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The Hessler Neighborhood Association

The Hessler Neighborhood Association was founded in 1969 as a non-profit corporation engaged in activities to enhance the social and architectural quality of the neighborhood. The funds the HNA generated from the Hessler Street Fairs starting in 1969 are used to restore, preserve, and maintain residences in the Hessler Neighborhood Association. Through the dedicated efforts of Hessler Road residents, Hessler Road and Hessler Court were dedicated as Cleveland's first local Landmark District in 1975.

Membership in the HNA is open to any person residing or owning property on Hessler Road, Hessler Court, on the east side of Ford Drive from Euclid to Bellflower road, or on E. 115th St. from Euclid to Bellflower Road. Membership is free. Meeting times and locations vary - check the bulletin board next to 11326 Hessler Road for specifics.

Current projects of the HNA include

  • Hessler Street Fair
  • City Works Neighborhood Matching Grant, Administrating Neighborhood Improvement Program and Revolving Loans for Restoration and Repairs.
  • Our annual Hessler Road block-party.

Other recent projects of the HNA have included

  • All previous Hessler Street Fairs!
  • Cityworks Neighborhood Matching Grant, year two: lighting enhancement project (improving the aesthetics as well as the security of the street by upgrading the overhead lighting).
  • Implementation of the "Hessler Road Restoration" project as the result of a Cityworks Neighborhood Matching Grant awarded to the HNA. This provided the money to have many of our existing trees professionally trimmed and to plant several new trees on the street.
  • Designation of Hessler Road and Hessler Court as residential permit parking areas.
  • Representing the Neighborhood at development meetings regarding the development of the lot at E. 115th and Euclid Ave.

The Hessler Neighborhood Association can be reached at

Hessler Neighborhood Association
Attn: Pat Holland, President
11326 Hessler Road
Cleveland, OH 44106